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Our Projets and Programs

Our Projets and Programs

Strengthening Women's Leadership and Empowerment: Ensuring Women's Rights to Economic Self-Reliance

The developing countries are concerned by the 98% of food self-sufficiency in the planet (FAO, 2012) and 60% of the women are the most reached by this situation (ECOSOC, 2007). Nearly half of the Senegalese population lives under the poverty line, with an estimation of less than 1 USD per day (ANSAD, 2007).
Women are the most concerned for this situation (World Bank, 2009) and this latter is more and more encountered in cities rather than in rural areas.

Paradoxically, there is a significant imbalance between the equality principle and the fruition of the rights in which woman take advantage in these facts. Both men and women do not have the same position in term of equality in Senegal, in term of representation, access to the power of making decision and the fact of taking into account some specific situation.

Despite the importance granted towards women through the action program of Beijing, Convention on the elimination of any form of discrimination towards women, the millenaries objectives for the development and the law on the parity (recently voted in Senegal), this one is always meeting some difficulties in order to hold efficiently of their multiple roles in their community

Overall objective of the program

The program aims to build capacity of women and strengthen their leadership for greater participation in decision making at various levels to ensure their economic self-sufficiency.

Specific objectives are summarized as follows:

  • master key tools and communication mechanisms (development and / or strengthening the capabilities and opportunities of expression and activities of rural women);

  • strengthen their capacity (including training) support rural women in situation analysis, consultation, negotiation, defending their rights and interests (including food security, access to land, water, education, health, productive resources;

  • promote  emergence of women leaders and support them in the process of empowerment;

  • bring women leaders to conduct advocacy

Expected Results

Outcome 1: Capacity 100 women leaders  (especially small farmers, agricultural workers, indigenous women and women in poor urban areas) are strengthened.

Outcome 2: Policy makers and opinion leaders in Senegal and internationally levels are informed about need for political support in favor of women for food security (women's rights to land and productive resources and increased role in food production and agriculture

Raising Students' awareness and development of information posters and signs on pesticide management in « les Unions de la Fédération des Périmètres Autogérés du Sénégal » (FPA)

Rice sector support project for food security “Bey Dunde” is located in the delta of River Senegal. In the course of the project activities, an Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMP) is being implemented which includes an important section on the use and safe management of pesticides. After its meeting with the “Bey Dunde” project managers, PAN Africa offered to produce information and signaling posters for the seven (7 ) FPA Hydraulic unions

PAN Africa is an information and action network for the control of pesticides. As part of its activities, for a decade it has acquired experience in the preparation and dissemination of awareness tools (posters, brochures ...) in various languages (international and local) addressing various aspects of pesticide management. Simple messages illustrated by pictures and diagrams adapted to the environment and the target will be proposed. The contents have an educational character and will focus on the protection and safety of those involved and the environment.
Trainers training in Somone
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