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Who are you?

Pesticide Action Network (PAN) Africa is a network of information and actions for the control of pesticide. It is part of Pesticides Action Network International, a global coalition of volunteer groups, civil society organizations, research institutes, universities and citizens working for the adoption of safe environmental practices in replacement of the use of dangerous chemical pesticide.

PAN Africa Members, though independent from one another, work together in order to:
• inform and sensitize on the dangers of pesticide use in agriculture and on the fight against disease vectors;
• enable the public understand complex issues and challenges related to the use of pesticides;
• mobilize public opinion and join efforts in order to deal effectively with all the problems caused by the manufacture, the use and the distribution of pesticide;
• search for and disseminate alternative methods and techniques to costly and dangerous pesticide adapted to the different African ecosystems;
• Promote environmental and sustainable agriculture protection based on the safe management and use of local resources;
• Proceed with advocacy actions towards decision makers aiming at policy changes and for a better management of pesticide.

PAN Africa is established in Dakar since 1996. It coordinates member network activities at the continental level.

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PAN AFRICA headquarters N° 15 Castors Rue 1 x J Dakar (SENEGAL)
call : +221 33 825 49 14  Fax : +221 33 825 14 43
Po Box : 15938 Dakar-Fann