• Pesticides are used to kill parasites

    and weed control

    Pesticides use
  • Encouraging biodiversity in the garden

    Knowing and caring for your soil

    Public information and awareness
  • Identifying insects and diseases

    better prevent their development

    Promoting and disseminating alternatives
  • Wash or peel fruit and vegetables before eating

    give priority to organic products

    Awareness of dangers
  • Farming activities are conditional

    the preservation of the land, ....

    Health preservation and protection of the environment
  • Pesticides can contribute to air pollution

    Pesticide drift occurs ...

    Women empowerment and leadership
    A safe and sustainable environment
  • Strengthening women's leadership and empowerment

    guaranteeing women's economic independence

    Empowerment and leadership for womens
  • Mulching: covering the soil around plantations with straw

    Limiting evaporation during the summer ...

    Crop protection
  • Support for capacity building in pesticide identification

    Severely hazardous pesticides and the promotion of alternatives

    Capacity building
  • Information and communication for producers and the general public.

    Pesticides cause a variety of harmful effects...

    Production of information media

Pesticide Action Network (PAN) Africa

Feeding the world without poisoning it, healthy agriculture for healthy food

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Film on PAN Africa's agro-ecological farm at Beer, les Ndiayes (Thiés, Senegal) ( October 2023 )

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